Murder of social worker: Complete 24 hour shutdown in Manipur from October 3

The joint Action committee (JAC) formed to seek justice of social activist in Athuhan Abonmei. Manipur called for 24 hour shutdown form midnight October 3 which earlier was scheduled from September 30. The chief minister has written to the center for growing violence in the state.

Social activists Athuhan Abonmei a , former president of one of state’s most influential social groups,  Zeliangrong Baudi was allegedly kidnapped and murdered from the venue on September 22 , where a meeting a schedule with minister for the upcoming developmental project .

Seeking for justice

This incident has lead to uproar in the state. Justice for activists has led to people come out to streets and protest. Student organization, women are demanding the speedy justice for him and irked by the sluggish investigation.

JAC called for total shutdown which was originally scheduled from September 30 in continuation. However, other valley-based civil organizations see it as the 125th birth anniversary of Hijam Irabot, the first revolutionary leader of Manipur.

Accused and arrested

Till now the police have arrested two suspected accused one Ponthalung Panmei, 47, and Lanchapou Bosco Gonmei, 48, residents of Konthoujam Maning Tribal Colony and Langol Laimanai, respectively.

The suspected accuseds are in the judicial custody for 9 remain till order by the CJM Imphal judge.

Meeting with home minister, Amit shah

The Chief Minister of Manipur, N. Bren has demanded for urgent investigation through NIA (national investigation agency). He further said “ I will meet the union home minister to speed up the process of investigation ”.

The JAC and INC are miffed by the silence of the central government. JAC accused the government for inappropriate and unsatisfactory actions till now. The Naga students federation reacted harshly by condemning the gruesome killing.

The JAC (joint Action committee) sit in protest is still going on.

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