MTC night bus travelling from Tura to Shillong drowned in the Ringdi River in Meghalaya

In the early hours of Thursday, 30 September, the state owned Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) night bus travelling from Tura and Shillong drowned in the Ringdi River in Meghalaya capital shilling Tura district.

Due to torrential rainfall and rise in the water level of the river lead to strong flow of the river and slippery surface. As per the police, the bus was carrying 22 passengers skidded off the bridge. The covid restriction was disobeyed by having so many passengers.

Casualties till now

The rescue teams from Rongjeng and williamnagar fire and emergency service rushed on the accident site to help the victims’ and rescue operation was started but with the rise in the water current is leading to the sluggish rescue operation. As per the officials, six passengers died on spot and 16 injured till now. The driver of the bus is dead too. The blood test will be carried in the autopsy if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Some are trapped inside the bus. “Four bodies were brought out last night and another two have been found inside the bus.

The police and locals too said that the bus was travelling at exceedingly high speed when it hit the bridge and skidded down.

The injured passengers were shifted to nearby rongjeng with a distance of 12km, hospital for medical assistance. Now they have been shifted to another hospital at a distance of 118kms.

The D.C said “attempts are on to save more lives”.

The locals present around the accident are safe.

Passenger’s identity

The identities of the deceased haven’t been still identified. According to the police nine passengers are from Tura and 12 from William nagar. Still there has been no conformation on the number of passengers in the bus.

Concerned families can contact the number 8794765696 provided by the police.

Rescue operation is still on.

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