More than 700 Myanmar nationals entered Mizoram in past few weeks

Aizawl, 28th June: Myanmar nationals entered illegally into Mizoram in the past few weeks. A Police official of Mizroam said that more than 700 Myanmar nationals have entered and most of the entrants are children, pregnant women and senior citizens. The entrants sneaked into Mizoram from 15th June to 26th June.

Many refugees from Myanmar have entered Mizoram before this entry

According to a report, about 22 of the entrants belong to Myanmar Parliament. It is also known that More than 10000 Myanmar nationals sneaked into Mizoram in the month of February and a large number of the entrants have already returned to Myanmar.

Humanitarian appeal made the YMA to build refugee camps

Young Mizo Association has established some makeshift camps for the refugees so that they can live in a better way. They have also decided to make refugee camps for the entrants for the sake of humanitarian appeal.

The situation should be controlled soon

It is a great concern that a large number of refugees are entering into India from neighbouring countries. However force cannot be applied to the refugees as most of them are pregnant women, children and senior citizens. The CM of Mizoram has announced that a strict action will be taken as soon as possible so that the situation can get into control.

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