Mizoram: Robert Royte to Come in front for the Relief in Pandemic



Mizoram is tackling the second wave of Coronavirus. The second surge in the cases has led the state towards a health crisis accompanied by an even intense economic crisis.


In the nationwide crisis, many people, majorly celebrities, have come forward to help the needy. However, this is the first instance in Mizoram when a public figure has openly declared his extended hand for the people of the state.

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Who is Robert Royte?


The Sports Minister of Mizoram, Robert Romawia Royte, and C. Vulluaia, former minister of the state have declared that they will be bearing the ration expenses of the poor families in their constituency for eight months. He was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Assam in the year, 2018.


There are 11,000 registered poor people in Royte’s constituency, Aizawl East-II. These people are either registered with Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), Priority Household (PHH), or Below Poverty Line ration cards.

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Help at the Hour


A rather specific part of this step by the politician is that he will help the needy through his savings rather than using the MLA area development fund.


While the virus toll in Mizoram is increasing, pushing the economic burden on poor families, the move is supposed to be helpful.


“The ration expenses would solely be met from monthly salary. I have been saving my MLA salary, which I kept it aside for helping the poor since the beginning. MLA funds are meant for other development,” the minister told PTI.




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