Mizoram: Heavy rain resulted to landslide, in which 4 children were killed

The main reason behind collapsing of buildings and houses is because they are built very close to each other separating by a retaining wall.

The whole incident

The whole incident took place on Friday night 10:30 pm. This misfortune happen to a family of 7 member, they where living in an two-floored Assam-type building. Which was situated in Mizoram capital Aizawl belonging to Thuampui neighborhood.

At that night continuous heavy rain triggered the retaining wall, which was giving support to the whole building leads to destruction to the whole family. Fortunately 2 people escaped but 4 minors swept away by it.

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About rescue and death

In this incident 4 minors, that is 2 teenager ( age 16 ,15 ) and 2 children (age 5,3) died by the huge landslide. Whereas, 2 adults( one of them age 75) managed to rescue. Since the adults where staying in the ground floor of the building, there quick response make them survive, giving them small injuries.

The whole rescue operation

In rescuing the whole incident, the joint team of police and local volunteer where of great help. According to Dr Lalhriatzuali Ralte, Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl district, the incident leads to death of three, and buried alive on that same day. But one body (teenager boy of age 16) where recovered on Saturday 4 am morning by the search team.


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