Mizoram government has decided to relax the lockdown norms

Aizawl, 30 th June: The Coronavirus cases are continuing to rise in Mizoram but the state government has decided to reduce lock down restrictions to make the lives of the common people easier. Reducing the restrictions will also help to maintain a balance between the personal and professional lives.

Festivals will not be allowed

The state government allowed reopening of religious places but only for morning and evening prayers. Any kind of festival will not be allowed in this case. If any kind of misbehaviour is found during the worship, strict actions will be taken

Gyms can be opened based on some guidelines

Besides this sports practices are also permitted with the opening of gyms in the state. However, outdoor sports activities with 25 people are also allowed. One-third of public transports such as city buses, taxis and two-wheeler taxis are allowed based on the arrangement made by Aizawl traffic police. The Aizawl traffic police will take care of all the transport services so that any kind of mischief does not happen.

The CM has requested the people to support

The CM of Mizoram sought high support from the local people to make the lock down effective

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