Mizoram Government going to start Journalist Pension Programme

Aizawl, 17th November: The Mizoram government is working to start a pension program for journalists in the state.

Mizoram journalist Association is talking about the importance of the ancient program

According to the ministers it is important to put in place a pension programme for journalists in North eastern states specially in Mizoram. There is a great emphasis on the role of  the Mizoram Journalists’ Association (MJA) in starting a pension program for journalists in  the state.

The protection of journalists is also supported by the state information and public relations minister

State Information and Public Relations Minister Lalruatkima said the administration is prioritising the protection of journalists. According to them journalists are the pillars of democracy and they should be protected.

The pandemic situation of covid-19 is a reason for the delay

Due to the pandemic of covid-19, there is some delay in the work of MJ national press. Once the situation gets in control the program will continue without any delay. Mr. Lalruatkima also said, “Efforts are being undertaken to give pensions to journalists.” It is high time to think for the journalist and also make some a food to make their life beautiful.

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