Mizoram CM Zoramthanga is under quarantine after being covid positive

Aizawl, 29th July: Mizoram chief minister’s office informed on Wednesday that the CM Zoramthanga has been quarantined after getting in contact with a covid-19 positive person.

The regular work of the office is being hampered

The regular work of the office is being hampered as the CM is not able to be present. All the interviews and meetings have been postponed until the health of mr. Zoramthanga gets better.

Mizoram CMO tweeted and showed his concern

The Mizroam CMO tweeted, “The regular work of the HCM @ZoramthangaCM is currently quarantined as per COVID-19 SOP (after a positive contact). This has affected the normal working of his office to a certain extent. Meetings requiring the CM’s presence or personal contact as well as interviews may be put on hold for the time being”.

Quick recovery of the CM is expected

Everyone is praying for the good health of the CM so that he can again be a part of the development of the state. Only after the safe quarantine period, he will be able to take part in offline meetings and interviews.

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