Meghalaya Youth Policy has been approved by Conard Sangma

Shillong, 20th July: Conard Sangma cabinet approved the Meghalaya Youth Policy 2021. The policy will work as a framework which helps to achieve  the government’s vision in creating patthways for Meghalaya’s youth.

Meghalayan youth will get the immense support of the government

The youth of Meghalaya will achieve their fullest potential and also will be able to help the communities of North eastern India.

Government will soon announce the policy in front of the public

The policy was approved in a meeting of the Meghalaya Cabinet. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of chief minister Conrad K Sangma on Monday. The citizens are waiting for the announcement of the policy which is going to be announced soon.

Meghalaya will be amongst the top 10 states within 10 years

The youth Policy has been introduced by the sports and youth affairs department. the Meghalaya government will be able take its place amongst the top 10 states in next 10 years. The economic as well as social conditions of the state will be improved by making proper preventive measures.  The policy hastrget of increasing the GSDP per capita and SDG ranking of the State.

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