Meghalaya: More than 90% of cases reported are identified as delta virus

Shillong, 27th June: The cases of delta virus are increasing day by day in India. Over 90% of Covid-19 cases reported in Meghalaya are of “Delta variants”, said a health official. The cases of delta virus are a matter of concern as the treatment of this variant will become difficult for the health sector of India.

After testing the sample the identified virus are found to be delta variant


Principal secretary of health and family welfare department, Sampath Kumar said more than 90% of Covid-19 cases detected in Meghalaya are delta variants. More cases of delta variants can be seen in future

He also added that the residents of Meghalaya should be more careful as the new delta variant can attack more people. It is found after testing samples that the virus is of delta variant and high quality care is needed to deal with this variant of virus.

Maintaining the protocols is very important

Everyone found suffering from delta variants should keep extra care so that the virus cannot spread further. All of the citizens of Meghalaya should maintain the guidelines of covid-19 along with strict protocols to deal with the situation.

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