Meghalaya: Khasi Students’ Union refuses mandatory vaccination

Meghalaya, 19th June: Khasi Students’ Union has submitted a memorandum to the chief minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K Sangma. They have demanded immediate withdrawal of the directive related to mandatory vaccination for Covid-19. KSU president Lambokstar Marngar said, ‘We express our resentment against the Meghalaya government for making covid-19 vaccination mandatory for even shopkeepers, labourers and hawkers.

Common people are facing financial issues

Common citizens of Meghalaya are already facing a crisis due to the extended lockdown. They are facing difficulty to earn their livelihood just because of the directive of the Meghalaya government. He also added that the public needs suggestions from medical experts rather than public servants to have a clear idea about the pros and cons of covid-19 vaccination.

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Withdrawal of the directive is expected

KSU demands the withdrawal of mandatory vaccination as the deputy commissioner cannot force anyone to be vaccinated. This can be considered a violation of fundamental rights as any kind of medical treatment can not be forced by the government.

The Government would appoint a team of medical experts

The Government of Meghalaya has assured them to think over this matter. A team of medical experts would be appointed to make the common people aware of the advantages and disadvantages of covid-19 vaccination.



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