Meghalaya Govt thinks over Reopening of Educational Institutions Mid-August

Aizawl, 9th August: Meghalaya is thinking about reopening educational institutions after 15 August.

Education minister informed that 50% students have been vaccinated 

Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui said, “About 50 percent of students eligible to avail COVID-19 vaccination have taken the vaccine. This is expected to increase further by mid-August”. He also said that when everything is going normal including the markets and the entertainment industry, the educational institutions should also be started. However, he also emphasized on the discussion with the health department about the decision.

Education department should not be neglected anymore

He also urged the people to get themselves vaccinated to provide a safe environment for the students. “I am very happy that every day about 10,000 people in the state are getting vaccinated,” the minister said.

Education minister expressed his views about the education of children

Mr. Rymbui said in front of the media reporters, “So, I take this opportunity to urge the parents, and friends all over the state to let us give education to our children by vaccinating ourselves so that our society is more resistant to this coronavirus”. He also discussed the delayed development of the entire India due to a long stoppage in the in the education department.

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