Meghalaya forest minister James Sangma dicusses on climate change

Shillong, 21st October: Forests & environment minister James Sangma gas been invited at an online workshop to discuss on the impact of climate change on the environment as well as the society. The main motto of this online workshop is to make the candidates aware about the importance of saving the environment.

The name of the workshop is “Northeast Narratives”

The workshop with a title of ‘Northeast Narratives’  will be held on October 22, 2021. Meghalaya forest minister James Sangma will address the discussion with journalists and other members of the media. The northeastern region will be developed if the discussion will be appropriate for the purpose.

Some key environment issues are also highlighted by James Sangma

James Sangma will highlight some of the key environmental issues of Meghalaya and how the forest & environment department.

Sangma warned everyone about the ill affects of climate change

Sangma said, “Like most of the regions in India, the Northeast too is grappling with the disastrous impacts of climate change”

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