Meghalaya Coal Mine Explosion Accident: 5 Stuck

The Accident


In the coal mines of the Umpleng area of East Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya, another accident in the coal mines has been reported. As per the officials, in the accident, five laborers who are supposed to be from the Cachar district of Assam are stuck in the mine. The accident has been fierce. The workers are stuck at some point 500 below the surface.


The reason stated for the accident is the sudden explosion of dynamite which in turn caused the water to rush inside the mine.


Everyone got aware of the accident when some locale approached the police about his neighbor being stuck in the mine.

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Rescue Operation

However, the government came into action just after the accident was reported. Also, the Deputy Commissioner of the place has been directed by the government to initiate an inquiry. The government has also ordered filing an FIR against the culprits of the case.


Meghalaya police also took to social media site Twitter to state that, “The mine has been identified at Sutnga interior, under Umpleng Anti-Dacoity camp and search operations are on.”


The coal mines have already been a source of trouble for the workers. And, since 2014, rat-hole mining is banned by the National Green Tribunal of Meghalaya.


While the rescue operations are on, such accidents raise a serious question about the vigilance of the system. There should be adequate steps taken to prevent such accidents in the future.



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