Meghalaya: CM announced Mairang will be new district before independence day

Shillong, 29th June: Meghalaya CM Conrad Sagma announced that Mairang will be the new district of Meghalaya and it will happen before independence day.

The CM announced the formation of new district

The CM said, “Due to Covid-19, the situation has become slow but we will do our best to make people feel positive and know Mairang before the next independence day.”. He also informed that Mairang district will soon be functional and the citizens of Meghalaya will get many advantages due to formation of the new district.

Sohra has been rejected due to poor geographical situation

It is known from a source that Sohra was in demand but due to the poor geographical situation and landscape, it has not been taken into consideration. The goals of Meghalaya government will not be fulfilled if Sohra is chosen.

Mairang is at the bottom of sustainable development

The CM also said that Mairang is at the bottom in terms of sustainable development goals. The first target of the Meghalaya government is to improve the living standard of the people living in Mairang and other parts of West Khasi hills

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