Meghalaya chief minister assures help to Mendipathar College

Shillong, 18th November: Meghalaya chief Minister Conard Sagma has assured that he will do all the possible help to down Mendipathar college of North Garo hills.

Mehandi pathar College is one of the oldest colleges of Northeastern states

Mendipathar College is the oldest and only College in North Garo Hills, which is celebrating its golden jubilee this year.

Many eminent persons were also present in the program

The chief Minister also attended the Golden Jubilee celebration programme along with Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui, Deputy Speaker Timothy D Shira, and MLAs Rupert Momin and Pongseng Marak. He told the gathering that the government is committed to streamline the education sector in the State.

Mr Sangma told about his opinion on the development of the college

Mr. Sangma said, “Prior to the 2018 election, I pledged to the people of the State that given an opportunity, we will work toward prioritizing education. And as vowed, soon after we took over, we formalised the State Education Policy and have been working to fulfil the mandate to streamline the education sector”. He also inform that the Meghalaya government is spending almost 2,000 crore rupees for the development of education in the state.

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