Mawsmai Cave: The mysterious cave of Meghalaya is worth visiting

Shillong, 23rd July: The travelers with a love for mysterious caves should surely visit the Mawsmai Cave of Meghalaya. It can be called one of the most revered landmarks in Cherrapunji. The amazing place is situated 58 km away from the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong.

The limestone cave will surely amaze the Travelers

Travellers will surely love the limestone cave and the beauty of the place will surely amaze their soul and eyes. The place is mysterious and beautiful for both history buff and photo enthusiastic people. The best part about the cave is no guide is needed during the visit.

Best time to Mawsmai Village

The best time to visit the place is post monsoon as the temperature remains the most favourable during this time. Travellers should avoid the place during the monsoon season as it will remain filled with water.

Wide ans amazing entrance of the place will also give a thrill to the Travelers

The Mawsmai cave in Cherrapunji boasts of a wide and amazing entrance with the dark and also magical mystery inside. Some of the openings of the cave are quite large and some of them are quite tiny.

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