Manipur: Women left her lucrative job in Singapore for cultivating apples

Ukhrul, 27th June: Manipuri woman Awungshi Shimray Augustina came back from Singapore to grow apples in her native village. This woman decided to leave her lucrative job at Gordon Max in Singapore.

Apple cultivation can also be profitable

Augustina proved to the villagers that Apple cultivation can also be commercially profitable for them. After coming back from Singapore she focused on apple farming at Poi village in Ukhrul.

The saplings were planted 2 years back

She said, “I got my first harvest this year and I planted the saplings 2 years back in the year of 2019.” Augustina also added that she planted almost 55 saplings in 2019 and 52 of them survived. She used virgin soil added with pig manure to get better cultivation of apples.

130 kg of apples have been harvested already

She harvested 130 kgs of apples this year and 70 kgs of apples are going to be harvested by her later. She did not hide any process of Apple cultivation from the local villages and explained all the requirements of soil manure and climate which helped her to make such a beautiful cultivation. Local villages are very much inspired by this cultivation of Augustina

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