Manipur: Vaccination drive team led by MLA K Leishiyo at Kamjong

Imphal, 9th July: A vaccination drive led by the MLA was very much required at Kamjong to make the citizens conscious about the importance of vaccination.

Hesitated villages are now agreed to get vaccination

The hesitated locals of Shingkap, Marou and Shingta villages under Phungyar Sub-Division of Kamjong district have finally agreed to get the covid-19 vaccination.

The villagers are very much influenced by the team lead by the MLA

It is known that the residents of the three villages agreed to go for vaccination after being inspired by the team led by Phungyar AC MLA K Leishiyo The team informed them about the benefits of getting vaccinated and how it can save their near and dear ones.

The third wave of covid-19 can only be stopped by vaccination

The MLA said, “Only through vaccination, we can defeat this pandemic and restore the earlier pre-Covid days”. The MLA requested all the villages to get vaccinated as soon as possible so that the development of Manipur does not stop. He then appealed to all the villagers to contribute in preventing the dangerous 3rd wave of the Covid-19. Worshang Hungyo, Daigong Gangmei and Dr Deepak also stated the benefits of vaccination in front of the locals

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