Manipur Man arrested for Sexually harassing his niece

Imphal, 20th November: A man in Manipur arrested and sentenced to jail for 14 years. A case was filed against him for sexually harassing his niece.

He was imprisoned by a special court

The victim was imprisoned by a special court on Thursday for being accused. He was accused for raping a juvenile in Churachandpur district in October 2016. The special court in command of the district’s Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses programme additionally fined the offender Rs 25,000. (POCSO).

The defender was not able to pay the fine

It was told by the court that if the victim cannot give the penalty strict actions will be taken against him. The court found him guilty under Section 4 of the POCSO Act of 2012. The fine will be given as soon as possible so that all the problems can be solved.

The money will be given as reimbursment

The judgment further instructed that the penalty be placed with the court. The money be provided to the victim as reimbursement. It is hoped that the problem will soon be solved.

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