Mangan: A must visit place in Sikkim for Travellers

Gangtok, 2nd July: Travelers visiting Sikkim should surely visit Mangan, which is an offbeat tourist destination of Sikkim. The breathtaking view of Mangan will surely amaze the travelers.

Monasteries of Manan will give the travelers peace


Phodong monastery is a major attraction of the place. The people who are longing for s spiritual trips, can also look for Mangan. Mangan is a gigantic place with many accommodations which fall within a budget.

Mangan is a paradise for photographers

The travelers can spend a night in Mangan if they want to explore the areas around the place. It is a paradise for the photographers as they will get a breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga from Mangan. The Travellers can also enjoy the beauty of glittering tista and spend memorable moments with their family members and friends.

Best time to visit Mangan

The best time to visit Mangan is the summer season when the temperature remains the most pleasant. The travelers can plan a trip to Mangan from the month of April to July. It might be an offbeat tourist destination but is best for the travelers who want to spend some peaceful days away from the chaos of city life.

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