Maharaja Bir Bikram remembered in Tripura on his 113th birth anniversary

Agartala, 20th August: Maharaja Bir Bikram Singh, the last ruler of Tripura was remembered by the citizens of Tripura on his 113th birth anniversary. His activities and decisions were very much helpful for the development of the state.

Chief Minister of Tripura paid tribute to the great ruler

Biplab Kumar Deb, the chief minister of Tripura paid tribute to the great ruler at the Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhavan of Agartala. A grand program was arranged by the government to pay homage to the great soul.

‘Srestha Tripura’ can be achieved if the principles of  Maharaja Bir Bikram Singh could be followed before

Deb also said in a program that the principles of maharaja Bikram Singh should be followed in the state for the development of Tripura. He also said that if the principles of maharaja Bir Bikram would have been followed till now, the strength of Tripura could have been increased very earlier.

Statue of Maharaja Bir Bikram Singh has also been unveiled

A statue of maharaja Bir Bikram has also been unveiled at Tripura on his 113th birth ceremony. The name of Maharaja Bir Bikram is an emotion for the citizens of Tripura and they respect him very much for his contribution in the development of the state.

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