Latest: Samir Jamatia Introduces Bamboo Beer in Tripura

The Art and Science of Brewery

The brewery has never been neither simple nor confined to rules. Brewing Beer is as raw and ravishing as the beer itself. However, it gets better with every invention that modernizes it.

Samir Jamatia before had come up with ideas of making Bamboo Leaves Tea. The process through which he got many recognition.

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One more such invention is all set to thrive in the brewing business of beer. Samir Jamatia has introduced Bamboo Bear in Tripura. It is exciting news for the fans of beer and also for food technology enthusiasts.

The Process

This food technology wonder is mellow and tonic. It provides a new kind of wine with the distinct and subtle flavors of Bamboo. The beer is formulated with grains’ spirit. It is fermented using Bamboo dust, and leachate of Bamboo. To brew this Bamboo beer, the mixture of grains and bamboo dust is used either as a material or by soaking bamboo in the grains’ spirit.

The Benefits of Bamboo Beer

Bamboo Bear will yield benefits in many ways. It is one of the plants which are quite easy to grow. It has the ability to grow many inches in a day. The plant begins to grow as soon as it is harvested.

Bamboo is also known for its medicinal properties as it is anti-bacterial and hence, beneficial for consumption.

Keeping in view the many-faced benefits of Bamboo, this new discovery of Bamboo Bear will reap heights.

Samir Jamatia few days back has introduced the usage of Bamboo Waste Materials and transforming them into Hardware and Household products

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