Jowai: One of the best places to visit in Meghalaya

Jowai, 21th November: Jowai is one of the most beautiful places of Meghalaya moulded with cultural and traditional elements in the Jaintia Hills district.

The breathtaking views of the place will amaze the travellers

Jowai is located at a distance of 66 Kms from Shillong, is famous for its bucolic setting and breathtaking views with the perfect mix of adventurous and beautiful place. The traditional and cultural elements of this place will surely give an amazing experience to the visitors.

Festivals of this place are very appealing and attractive

Thadlaskein Lake and Lalong Park are the famous tourist spots of Jowai. Festivals such as Behdeinkhlam and Laho Dance are very appealing to the Travellers who come every year to visit the place. The food items of this place is also very much interesting to the travellers.

The place is very amazing for food lovers specially non vegetarians

Food lover non-vegetarians can try the variety of meat dishes of local fish and pork. Jadoh and Doh Khleh are two famous pork dishes which we recommend. The place is like a heaven for non-vegetarians, especially those who love to eat pork.

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