Earthquake Jolts were reported in Assam after a magnitude of 4.3 hits Sikkim

In the wee hours of Tuesday, the earthquake of magnitude: 4.3 occurred near the Sikkim-Nepal border was 25 km east-southeast of Gangtok, the National Centre for seismology said. The jolts were reported by the neighbouring states Assam, West Bengal too.

As per the officials, the railways suspend for two days. The shops were closed. A sheer fear traced on the faces of the locals who came running out of their houses and clutching onto their kids. a young local talking to the media said that they were in their sleep and suddenly they heard the voices of their neighbours knocking on the door hard and shouting “come out, come out”. The locals, tourists, shelterless have moved to a safer place. No loss of life or property reported so far.

Reoccurring of earthquakes

The minor earthquakes have been occurring for few years. The National green tribunal president said that “the ongoing construction of dams has become life-threatening. This calls for immediate action on the construction of illegal dams. We have been warning about it for a long time now. The authorities need to take stringent steps to further protect against the damage to the environment. ”

Shocking revelation

The construction of the new buildings under the new scheme where the technical experts which were appointed to start in March were put on halt.

Further information waited.

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