Internet Not Easy in Mizoram as Students Take To The Hilltop

No Connectivity


Trekking sounds like a fun activity to the youngsters but not in Mizoram. It is an everyday hustle for them. In a remote village in Mizoram, the students have to climb to the the top of a hill to catch the signals for their studies. The village is surrounded by hills and hence, there is very less connectivity in the village.


Internet in the Hut

Located at a distance of 400 kilometers to the capital city Aizawl, in Saiha district of Mizom, there is a remote village, Mawhrei. The village has a population of more than 1500 people. The students sit in the small hut and write their undergraduate papers.

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There is a temporary hut made up of Banana leaves to provide the protection to students against the severe weather of the region.

For the connectivity, the students of Mizoram University are helpless to climb the Tlao Tla hills. This is the the only place where the internet connection can be constant.


In an era, where Internet has become as significant as basic needs, it is hard to imagine a village that is still making with 2G internet. Also, at the time of pandemic, internet is a powerful source of information.


Amid lockdown, when many operations shifted to online mode, the management should take the village into consideration and ensure better connectivity.



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