Inauguration ceremony of two offices in thoubal and bishnupur districts by BJP President J.P Nadda

Manipur: On October 10, The President of Bharatiya Janata Party, J.P Nadda Commenced the party offices in Thoubal and Bishnupur districts of Manipur. He visited Imphal on October 9 afternoon to pay a two-day visit to Manipur.

Renamed the office as Thambal Shanglen

At the time of inauguration of district offices, he renamed the office name by ‘Thambal Shanglen’ which means ‘Lotus House’ that portrays the BJP symbol. Also he added that the office should remain open 24×7.

Motive to kick start the offices

He mentioned that the office must have key notes showing people what other governments had done for the district and what the BJP government in Manipur has done in the past four and half years.

Though he pointed out the obstacles and obstructions were the order of the day in the past that had also been conquered by the BJP integrated government governed by N. Biren, he added.

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