Hojai police nabbed three women ganja traffickers from Avadh Assam express

Guwahati, 20th August: The Hojai police department arrested three women ganja traffickers former coaches of Assam Avadh express on Wednesday night. It is reported that the three women gaja traffickers were travelling to Kolkata to deliver the large amount of Ganja.

The three women ganja traffickers are in police custody

The trio was carrying almost 18 kg 800 gram ganja with them. According to the sources, they were arrested from coach S-4 of the Awadh Assam Express. It is also known that they are currently in police custody.

The Hojai police department GRP and RPFs of Hojai police station arrested the three women

Hojai police department along with the support of GRP and RPF of the police station nabbed the three women. It was one of the greatest achievements of the state in their drive against increasing drug smuggling cases in Assam.

Cases of drugs smuggling are increasing day by day in the state

Many other examples of drug smuggling are found in the state by the Assam police department. The state government is very much concerned about reducing the cases as soon as possible so that the state can be developed without any Anti Social activities.

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