Here’s all you need to know about Naga Heritage Village in Kohima,Nagaland

Naga Heritage Village, Kohima, Nagaland


Situated in the outskirts of Kohima, at a distance of ten kilometers on the Imphal road, there is the famous Naga Heritage Village. It can be correctly termed as Mini-Nagaland for its accurate representation of the traditional lives of sixteen different Naga communities.


Also, known as Kisama Heritage Village, it is surrounded by the hills and the aesthetics of nature. A hot favorite of tourists, this place is a whole plethora of heritage to learn about.




There are sixteen houses in the village, known as Morungs. Each of these Morungs specifies one community of Nagaland. These Morungs are built strictly as per the architecture, ornaments, et cetera of the respective communities living in these houses.


While each Morung has separate houses for men and women, it is a place for an extensive interchange of ideas, learning, and lifestyle between the people.


The communities are known to have preserved the artifacts from the Second World War.


A Perfect Tourist Destination


The village comprises the food courts which serve the traditional food of these communities. It also has bamboo halls and a stadium which are known for their cultural significance and also, for hosting the Hornbill festival.


From the village, Japfu Peak is situated close. It is the second-largest peak in Nagaland. Its opening hours are confined to 12 hours from 6 AM.


The people’s favorite time to visit the village is in the Winters.



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