Heavy rainfall in Guwahati occurred landslide

Guwahati, 21st October: Continuous heavy rainfall had triggered a landslide in the Pandu area of Guwahati. The lifestyle of common people in Guwahati has also been affected by landslides in some areas. An under-construction wall fell down on a house as a consequence of this heavy rainfall.

The house of Prabin Das was damaged due to the landslide

It has been known that the house belonged to Prabin Das, who is a permanent resident of Assam. The residents of the house somehow managed to save their lives. The under construction  wall collapsed soon after the landslide.

Rescue team immediately reached the place

This incident has been reported from the Pandu Vishnu Mandir Sangjogi Path in Guwahati. An official informed, “A rescue team immediately rushed to the site and helped the residents to get to a comfortable place.” The local people have requested the government to take immediate steps as soon as possible.

Landslides are creating many problems to the citizens

The households are facing many issues due to this landslide as a result of heavy rainfall for consecutive 3 days. The Assam Government has assured the citizens that preventive measures will be taken soon.

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