Handloom Minister Urkhao Gwra Brahma monitors sericulture projects

Udalguri, 8th July: : State Handloom and Textile Minister Urkhao Gwra Brahma visited the Udalguri Sericulture Office complex on Tuesday.

Urkhao made a detailed inspection of the sericulture department

He inspected various projects continuing in the offices of the Sericulture department. Besides this, he visited the eri, mulberry farm and also the eri-cocoon bank. Urkhao monitored each activity of the units where the muga silkworms are reared in a very detailed way. He also took interest in watching how the silk is woven, reeled and spun in the units. Implementation status of the projects are also reviewed by him during his visit.

Many officials of Udalguri district administration were also present during the visit of Urkhao

The presence of the Officials of Udalguri district administration and the Sericulture department of BTR (Bodoland Territorial Region) increased the value of his visit. The Assam government is very much concerned about their sericulture activities as it can help them to earn a good amount of money from both export and import businesses. Urkhao said that Udalguri has an excellent track record for sericulture cultivation.

The cultivation of silk in Udalguri will be improved after the visit

Udalguri is enriched by the cultivation of eri, muga and mulberry silk. This visit will surely be beneficial for the sericulture department of Assam as preventive measures will be taken as soon as possible to make more improvements in the cultivation of silk.

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