Sikkim: Gwala Diwas will be celebrated every year on 1st July

Gangtok, 2nd July: The CM of Sikkim, P.S. Golay announced yesterday that ‘Gwala Divas’ will be celebrated on 1st July in Sikkim. The announcement was made by the CM at Manan Kendra where the first ‘Gwala Divas’ was celebrated for the first time by the Sikkim milk union and animal husbandry department.

The CM expressed his happiness

The CM was very much happy with the improvement of the dairy sector of Sikkim. He said that after introducing the incentive of 8rs/litre from Sikkim government, the dairy farmers have made a huge success.

Milkman of the year was given at the function

‘The Milkman of the year was given to Suk Maya Tamang of South Sikkim for her endless contribution to the dairy sector of Sikkim. She has made it possible to distribute 30,000 liters of milk in one year. The CM announced the goal of Sikkim government

Mr Golay announced in the function

“Only promoting the dairy sector of Sikkim is not our target. We are also here to show our respect to the dairy farmers of Sikkim”. He also said that the Sikkim government wants to distribute dairy products to the nearby States after being able to produce enough for Sikkim.

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