GTX Preet and 420 Gaming: Two more Youtube channel slur racial comment over BGMI tweets.

Paras Singh of alias ‘ Paras Official ‘ Youtube channel was earlier arrested for passing racial slur on the Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering for this tweet on urging the PMO on considering the re-launch of the BGMI as it may pose threats on the data security of its users in India. The Youtuber in his video was seen passing derogatory remarks on the state of Arunachal Pradesh as being part of ‘ China’ and the passing of racial slurs on the North-East India as a whole.

Now, it has come to news about similar Youtube channels with the name – GTX Preet and 420 Gaming were recorded making similar derogatory and racial slurs during their live streams respectively.

420 Gaming during his live stream commented ; ” Dikkat kya hai?, Ek bohot ganda troll karta hu. Jo log bolre hai BGMI China ka hai, Jiss bande ne tweet dala hai naam toh dekhlo woh khud china ka naam hai “


                                                          Source : North.eastern.chronicle

While GTX Preet replying to the question about the MLA’s tweet commented ; ” yaar kiski baato me aare hou, jiska khudka kuch ata pata nahi hai ! Shakal se woh khud Chinese lagra hai “


Read More : A court in Arunachal Pradesh remanded Paras Singh to custody for six days.

These series of racial and hateful comments towards the people of Northeast has been always been prevalent over the other parts of India and some very hateful crimes has been reported too over the past years. Ignorance or inadequate education about the India, no one could actually deduce the actual reason.

Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG which was banned by the Govt. of India in 2020 over users data privacy concern and its operations being controlled centrally by Chinese Organization. is all set to return as Battleground Mobile India or BGMI after complying with all the Indian Regulations on data privacy and other laws.



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