Gori Chem Peak – The Highest Peak in Arunchal Pradesh.

One kilometer to the south of Tibet, in Tawang district, Aruncha Pradesh. The peak is situated at an altitude as high as 22,500 feet, the peak is usually covered with snow and provides a chilly sight to the tourists to Gorichen Peak. It also holds religious value to the people of the tribe, Monpa. They also term the peak as Sa-Nga Phu.

At a distance of 25 kilometers from Gorichen Peak, there are Nurunang falls. Aside from being a tourism and a picnic spot, the peak is also popular as a camping and trekking site.


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Tourists Attraction in Gorichen Peak :


It is an ideal spot for mountaineers or people who love the idea of some alone time in a hill station.

A bountiful hill station is also an ideal place for trekkers and climbers. You can plan a trek to Gorichen Peak and be sure of some thrilling adventure around you that results in some breathtaking panoramic views of nature.

You can also come here for camping. Bonfires and a tribal tradition around will just serve as icing on the cake for your once in a life time experience.


How to reach Gorichen Peak?

There are two prime seasons to visit Gorichen Peak as it is not suitable to visit here during winters and heavy falls. April to June and September and October are the best months to visit Gorichen.

The nearest airport to the peak is Salonibari Airport, Tezpur. The nearest railway station is Rangapara North.




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