Arunachal: Four Government Officials Arrested Over Land Scam.

Itanagar, 25th June: The Arunachal police arrested Four government officials involved in a land scam in Itanagar. Arunachal police got to know about the incident when a person filed a case against the four officials for being involved in a land scam.

The four officials are claimed to be involved in a land scam :

The person complaining about his plot at Chimpu-Hollongi road is given to someone else by using unfair means. He claimed that those four government officials of Arunachal Pradesh were involved with the scam. SIC Hemanta Tiwari said, ‘I will personally look into this matter so that justice can be given to the deserved ones”. 

The possession certificate was issued to two different persons : 

One of the possession certificates was issued by the lpc in 2016 and the other one was issued in 2019. After a detailed enquiry it was found that The possession certificate of the single plot was given to both the persons.

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Investigation is still going on :

After being assured about the land scam done by the four officials of Arunachal Pradesh the police arrested the four officials. The investigation is still going on and further information will be provided to the public as soon as possible.


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