Four Bangladeshi nationals with forged Indian documents are held at Agartala fort

Agartala, 15th August: Four Bangladeshi nationals with forged Indian documents have been held. The security agencies at the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport in Agartala.

The four Bangladeshi were held while trying to board a flight to Chennai

The four Bangladeshi nationals were held when they were trying to board a flight to Chennai showing forged Aadhar Cards to the security agencies. The arrested Bangladeshi nationals have been identified as: Dulal Sheikh, Yusuf Sheikh, Aminul Sheikh and Rejabul Sheikh.

Later they were taken to Agartala police station for further investigation

The four arrested Bangladeshis were later taken to the Agartala Police Station for interrogation and further investigation. The Tripura police informed that they had received specific information on the four Bangladeshi nationals trying to board the plane to Chennai.

It was found that the Adhar cards of Bangladeshi nationals were forged

It was found that their Aadhar Cards were forged after doing a detailed investigation.  Preliminary investigation revealed that the four Bangladeshi nationals had entered into India illegally. They will be further interrogated at the police station. The Tripura government has ordered the police department to the more aware so that any illegal people cannot enter Agartala.

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