Forest research centre organizes a consultative meeting for eco-friendly Bamboo drinking straw

Agartala, 5th July: Bamboo technologist of Tripura, Samir Jamatia has amazed the world by introducing eco-friendly bamboo drinking straw which can be used instead of plastic straws. A Consultative Meeting On Community Enterprise Development has been organized today by the Forest Research Centre under Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India.

A Detailed discussion on the introduction of bamboo straw was the main reason of this meeting

The main reason for the meeting is a detailed discussion and promotion of eco-friendly Bamboo drinking straws which can also be a good turning point for the livelihood of the north eastern people. The meeting for the Eco-friendly Bamboo Drinking Straw Manufacturing has been organized at Conference Hall, Agartala.

Total 30 participants were present in the meeting

A total of 30 persons from all over Tripura participated in this meeting to discuss the very trendy topic of using bamboo straw instead of plastic straws. The chief guest invited to this conference was T. K.Chakma, IAS. He is also the Director of Industries & Commerce, Government of Tripura.

The eco eco-friendly approach of Samir Jamatia will surely help the north-eastern states to grow more

TK Chakma expressed his happiness for such an eco-friendly approach of North eastern states with the guidance of bamboo technologist, Samir Jamatia.

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