Forest officials seized illegal timber in Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar, 18th July: The forest officials conducted a raid in the forest areas of Tungri and seized illegal timbers and a chainsaw.

Villagers helped the officials to lift the seized timber

local residents of various villages such as Thembang, Pangma, Gonthung, Semnak, Tangchenmu and Cherrong helped the forest officials. They also accompanied the villagers to lift the seized timbers upto the roadside.

In Spite of banning logging in Tungri, illegal logging was seen

Due to the high altitude location of Tungri, logging in the area has been banned. However, illegal logging is still going on and the situation is becoming worse in the state. Carefulnes is very much expected in this area with a regular monitoring and reviewing of the place.

A case is filed against the accused

A case has been filed against the accused person who is involved in the illegal logging in Tungri. It is high time to take preventive measures so that the situation can be better and the weight of logging can be reduced in the forest area. The CM of Arunachal Pradesh is also very much concerned about the matter and has assured the villagers to do something as soon as possible.

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