Forest officer of Kaziranga suspended due to unwarranted firing

Guwahati, 29th June: A forest guard at the Kaziranga National Park has been suspended due to firing which was not warranted. He was suspended on Sunday as he was claimed to be the reason for the death of a Royal Bengal tiger.

The tiger was found dead on 18th June

A departmental inquiry was done and it was found that the unwarranted firing of the forest staff led the tiger to death. The cadaver of The Royal Bengal tiger was found on 18th June with bullet marks.

It has been informed by the forest department that the tiger was 10 years old and was found with bullet marks at Japoripothar which resides under Kohora range.

The forest officer flouted the protocols

The forest officer tried to scare the tiger from the human inhabited area where he had already killed a cow. He did not fire in the air and thus he flouted the protocols and was suspended.

At present there are 121 Royal Bengal tigers in Kaziranga

Kaziranga is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also known for the iconic one-horned rhinoceros. The National Park also has a diverse range of animals such as elephants, wild water buffaloes, tigers and swamp dears. At present 121 tigers are present in this forest and the Assam government is very much careful about maintaining the population of the endangered species.

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