Five Cattle thieves are apprehended by Nitaipukhuri police

Demow, 25th July: After the initiation of the cow protection bill in Assam, the state police is more concerned to protect the Cattle. The Nitaipukhuri Police conducted a search operation in Dalapa Karsabam Ghat near Demow on Thursday. They arrested five cattle thieves from that place.

All the five cattle thieves are identified by the police

One of the police officials informed that the arrested cattle thieves are identified as Ranjit Mudak, Chandra Kanta Doley, Balaram Mili, Jiten Doley and Debanan Lagasu. The official also informed that all of them were from Dhakuakhana of Lakhimpur district.

A total of 15 cows were stolen by the gang of 5 thieves

It is also known that the thieves tried to transport all the 15 stolen cows via boat. Under the leadership of Dulumoni Talukdar, OC of Nitaipukhuri Police Station, a police team, with the help of local people, apprehended the five cattle thieves.

The officer in charge of Demow police station was also present at the incident area

OC of Demow Police Station, Pranav Kumar reached the incident area and took the cattle thieves to Demow Police Station on Thursday. He assured the enraged citizens to take strict measures against the cattle thieves.

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