Financial corruptions are increasing in in Sikkim: CM Pawan Kumar Chamling

Gangtok, 25th October: Former chief minister Pawan Kumar chamling said that corruption is increasing in Sikkim by allowing disbursement of huge illegal loans. Due to such illegal actions the State Bank of Sikkim is becoming empty day by day. A man who is not even residing in Sikkim has been given a loan of rupees 70 crore.

The SKM leaders are making wrong use of their powers

A handful of people who are related with the SKM leaders are making use of their power and damaging the financial condition of State Bank of Sikkim. Not only that but the loans are given without any type of guarantor or analysing the capability of the loan taker.

Almost all the public properties of Sikkim is being sold by the government

Chamling said, ” The profit making public properties which are developed by the SDF government during the last 25 years are being sold by the SKM government.”

Sikkim will become the most unsafe and poorest state of India if actions are not taken immediately

He also added that the people should judge the corruption and think whether they should be stopped or not. Otherwise Sikkim will soon become the poorest, most unsafe and corrupted state of India.

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