Enjoy adventurous activities at Accoland, beautiful amusement park in Guwahati

Guwahati, 3rd August: Travellers who love fun activities while on a trip would surely visit the water and amusement park of Guwahati, Accoland.

Amidst the tea estates of Assam, the place is very appealing

The beautiful amusement Park is situated amidst the tea estates of Assam and it is also a what visiting place for the nature lovers. Made with redstone castle in the outside the place will surely be appealing to the travellers. Both the children and the adults will enjoy the joyride on the massive ‘Skytrain’. Visitors can also enjoy a rocky cruise on the Pirate Ship, going round and round in the Vortex Maze.

Almost all the rides are free in the park except some extra fun rides

The best thing about the park is that almost all the rides are free and the rides are also available for the children less than the age of 8 years. However for the rights with extra fun there are some affordable tickets. Comparatively slow rides like merry go round caterpillar site will be appealing to the the travelers who want smoother rides.

Best time to visit the place

The best time to visit the place is the winter season when the temperature remains the most favourable. Once the situation of covid-19 gets into control the amusement park will soon be full of adventurous travellers.

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