Earthquake with magnitude 3.8 shakes in different parts of Assam

Recent earthquakes in the state 

It has not been a month since the disastrous earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit Assam. It had its epicenter in Dhekiajuli.

This time, it is Sonitpur to face the calamity with a magnitude of 3.8 Situated at 40 kilometers to the west of Tezpur, the quake knocked at  between 10:30-11:00 AM. It was situated at a depth of 16 kilometers so no significant damages have been reported yet.


However, this was not it. A second earthquake before the 24 hours could have passed, jolted the district of Tezpur.


Assam as a major hit state

Assam has been repeatedly hit by earthquakes and is one of the worst-hit states due to earthquakes in the country. There have been disasters from moderate to lethal levels. The incidents of 1897 and 1950 have been some of the most dangerous earthquakes.


A study by the University of California has been held on the redundant earthquakes of Assam. It states the cause of these disruptions as, “No matter what the mechanism, there is one item all seismologists agree upon The collision zone between India and Eurasia along the tremendous Himalayan mountain range has one of the highest seismic hazards in the world.”


Assam has a dedicated body named ‘Assam State Disaster Management Authority’ dedicated to the study and projections of the earthquakes in the state and the ways to manage them better.




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