Dzukou valley is one of the most beautiful nature spot of Nagaland

Kohima, 28th October: Dzukou Valley of Nagaland is famous for its natural scenic beauty. The place is located at the altitude of 2450 m and the tourists claim the place as one of the most adventurous places of Nagaland.

It is considered as Valley of flowers of Nagaland

The place is also known as the ‘Valley of flowers of Nagaland’ as the beauty of flowers blooming here give a treat to the eyes of travellers.

Best time to visit Dzukou valley

The best time to visit this place is the fool bloom season which takes place in monsoon. The beauty of pink and white lilies along with the attractive beauty of euphorbia, aconitums and hundreds of other species of flowers will be a major attraction for nature lovers.

Adventurous trek will amaze the tourists

This place will amaze the tourists and the photographers will get the opportunity to click pictures of the amazing natural and panoramic view of this place. The adventure lover travelers will also be benefited as trekking of Dzukou Valley will give them a never forgetting experience.

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