Dreadful Video footage circulates over Social Media.Four Boys & one Woman molested a girl

A 25-Year old girl from Nagaland was found hanging on her apartment in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on Sunday Morning. According to preliminary report she was working at the Naveen Juice restaurant in Jodhpur. The girl was originally from Dimapur district of Assam and was working there for quite a long time. The preliminary report also suggests that she was arguing with an unidentified individual over the phone after which she locked herself inside the room and committed suicide. Necessary arrangements were met by the owner of the restaurant before the last rite was given by Pastor Steven Samson. Post Mortem report says that it was natural suicide. The owner and NSUR have expressed their gratitude and are deeply saddened by the loss.

Reports were also coming up of a viral video where a lady was stripped by a gang of goons but however, IPS Robin Hibu confirmed that the lady who committed suicide and the lady in the video are totally different.

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This has also been confirmed by the sister of the dead girl. Police are conducting probe into this matter as well and are trying to identify the girl along with the goons. He also said that the perpetrators will be caught soon and will be send for further action.



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