Doomdooma Police arrested 5 gamblers

Guwahati, 8th November: Five more gamblers were arrested by Doomdooma police on Saturday.

The five persons who were arrested are or identified

Just one day ago the police department managed to arrest three more people for the same incident. The five persons were accused in the case of being involved with gambling activities. They are identified as Dripen Moran, Jogesh Ray, Madhab Borah, Biki Sing and Biju Goswami.

Two motorcycles, four mobile phones and cash were also collected by the police

The police also seized two motorcycles, four mobile phones, Rs 4,700 cash along with gambling articles from their possession. They were also found to have registered a case in Doomdooma PS bearing No. 479/21 U/s 14/15 Assam Gambling. The persons were also investigated to know whether anyone else is involved in this case or not. Any other person is not found to be involved in the activities related to gambling in the state.

One of the greatest achievements of Assam police is seen

It is one of the greatest achievements of the police department that they have managed to reduce camping activities in the state. The Assam CM is also very much impressed with their activities and dedication towards the welfare of the nation.

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