Darrang seized 590 bottles of cough syrup

Darrang, 20th July: Darrang Police made a raid in several places of Assam with a motto to win over the fight against drug smuggling in the state. Bhuban Ghosh, son of Bimal Ghosh of Assam has been arrested by the police. Bhuban was riding a motorcycle and he was carrying three cartons with him. When Darrang police made a check, 360 bottles of Elcorex cough syrup were recovered from Bhuban’s possession.

The bottles if cough syrup included narcotic substances

The police suspect that the bottles of cough syrup contain narcotic substances. The police made further investigation and found that the recovered substances were supplied by Sajal Mitra who was the son of Akhil Mitra of Darrang Bazar No.2 under Dalgaon Police Station.

Two more cartoons including narcotic cough syrup bottles were seized from the house of Akhil Mitra

Akhil Mitra was apprehended and the Darrang Police recovered two more cartons containing 230 bottles of Elcorex cough syrup from his house. Both of them were arrested by the Police.

Assam Government is very much concerned about increasing Anti Social activities

The CM of Assam is very much concern about the increasing Anti Social elements in the state and has appealed to the police to work more so that the drug smuggling cases can be reduced in the state.


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