Curfew in Shillong gets Relaxed from Wednesday

Shillong, 18th August: The curfew imposed in Shillong has been quite relaxed from Wednesday. The suspended mobile internet service will also be restored once the situation in Meghalaya comes into control.

The relaxation of curfew will bring various activities

The Relaxation of Curfew will be done at 5:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The citizens of Meghalaya can only maintain the activities. Only the following activities will be permitted.

Essential and non-essential shops can be open till 3.00 pm.

Essential and non-essential shops will be opemedy till 3:00 PM. State and Central Government Offices, offices of Educational Institutions, banks and private offices will also be opened.

Only the vehicles with valid licensed can be moved

Only vehicles which have a valid licence can be moved on the road. The vehicles which do not have licence would be seized by the police department. It is also mentioned in the rule and regulations that any kind of meeting or public gathering would not be allowed.

Covid-19 protocols should also be maintained

The covid-19 protocol should be maintained by the citizens. The government has assured that the situation will soon come into control if the citizens support the government.

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