Cricketer Yuvraj Singh donates 100 ICU beds in Assam medical College and hospital

Dibrugarh, 18th July:  Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s foundation has donated 100 ICU beds to the Assam Medical College and Hospital, Dibrugarh. The kind hearted cricketer wants the beds to be used for  adequate treatment to the  children suffering from Covid-19.

Devraj Singh foundation has decided to donate thousand ICU beds to various medical colleges and hospitals

The Yuvraj Singh Foundation sent a letter to  authority of AMCH informing that the foundation wants to donate some ICU beds to the hospital. AMCH Superintendent Dr. Sanjeev Kakoty thanked the cricketer and praised his work.

Among 1000 ICU beds, AMCH will receive hundred

He said, “Two months ago we received a message that the Yuvraj Singh Foundation would donate 1000 ICU beds to various medical colleges and hospitals. Among these, we are going to receive 100 beds.”

The ICU beds are mainly donated for better treatment of children during the third wave of covid-19

The foundation is known for its great contribution in the healthcare sector especially for cancer patients. According to the different research of covid-19 experts the third wave will extensively harm the children. The Yuvraj Singh foundation wants to save the children’s on the third wave and hence we decided to donate 100 ICU beds specifically for children

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