Tripura: Covid-19 curfew extended till 5th June.

In response to rapid surge in positive cases of Covid-19 the State Cabinet today decided on extending the ‘Corona Curfew’ till 5th May,2021. Law MInister Mr. Ratan Lal Nath in press briefing informed this decision for the general pubic.

The Corona Curfew which has been earlier imposed in Municipal Corporation areas for 2 weeks now will be extended till 5th May and the same effect will take place in other parts of the state from 27th May.

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Highlights from the press briefing about the curfew are :-

  • Vegetable, meat, fish and grocery shops are only allowed everyday from 6 A.M till 12 Noon.
  • Apart from Essential Services vehicles, no other vehicle movement will be allowed.
  • Only the offices associated with essential services will be open rest all will be closed.
  • 7 Lakh families will be receiving financial assistance of Rs. 1000/- .
  • Strict vigilance and patrolling will be observed by the concerned authorities. 

In view of rise in Covid-19 cases the Govt. earlier imposed ‘ Corona Curfew ‘ for 2 weeks from 17th May till 25th May in the Municipal areas.


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